Ka's Cloud Dahlia


KAS Cloud Dahlia tuber


KA's Cloud Introduction


Kristine Albrecht with KAs Cloud


KAs Cloud arrangement


KA's Cloud Seedling


KA's Cloud Trial Gardens

KA's Cloud Hybrid

KAs Cloud Dahlia San Francisco Show

KAs Cloud in the Farm



KA's Cloud was introduced by Kristine Albrecht in 2015.

This seedling is a 2011 controlled cross between Elma Elizabeth and Kenora Jubilee.

KA's Cloud won the American Dahlia Society's 2015 Derrill Hart award. It also won the A.D.S. Lynn P. Dudley Award and passed at all seven A.D.S. trial gardens in one year.    

KA's Cloud is classified as an A ID W. 

KA's Cloud is available at Corralitos Gardens and Floret Flower Far, J.S. Dahlias, Stone House Dahlias, and Swan Island Dahlias.

Developing a new seedling takes a lot of work. In this effort Kristine was assisted by Kevin Larkin, Karen Zydner, Lou Paradise, Iris Wallace and Jan Palia.

Special thanks to my son Riley who, not only named KA's Cloud, but was an inspiration in the giant pumpkin patch where I learned the basics of farming and growing.  Also, a big thank you to my husband Brion and daughter Maya who indulge my passion for dahlias that has become and important and valued part of my life. 

KA's Cloud with other seedlings


KAs Cloud Bloom


KA's Cloud Dahlia in vase


KA's Cloud Immature

KAs Cloud Dahlia Seedling

Cloud KA Dahlia

KAs Cloud National Dahlia Show


Santa Cruz, California